Best-of-Class Internet and Bundled Services for a Fraction of the Cost!

Welcome to Telenet International, your ultimate telecommunications provider! Based in Denver, Colorado, we provide managed IP telecommunications, delivering voice and data services to businesses nationwide. With over 20 years of experience, Telenet International is here to fill all of your communication needs.

With Telenet International’s services you can experience real internet speed with no waits, delays or interruptions. Using the most innovative technology in the telecommunications world, we provide fast, non-oversubscribed connections to the internet at reduced rates.

Once you eliminate other shared and oversubscribed services, you'll experience the wealth of possibilities a fast internet connection can provide:

♦   Connect with your customers or suppliers for real-time conferences

♦   Store massive data files off-site and access them as if they were on your corporate LAN

♦   Use streaming video and audio to create true distance learning opportunities

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