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Telenet International, LLC is a Denver-based, privately owned and owner-operated business, founded in 2011 by David Naimoli.  After a humble beginning as a start-up, we have expanded our services and grown the company exponentially, while always maintaining exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction.

As an industry leader, the founders of Telenet International have been in the communications business since 1992. Although based in Denver, we proudly serve businesses nationwide. Telenet International provides the most innovative technology available, so we always help our customers stay on the cutting edge in the world of technology.

Telenet International‘s unique network architecture enables us to provide our customers with radically low prices for reliable, high bandwidth. We utilize the most advanced optical networking technology and smart networking configurations to ensure our customers receive the highest performance levels. With optical networking's promise of speed and capacity and Telenet International’s commitment to quality, we're providing the internet's true potential for your current and future needs.

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